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Simply Massage, LLC HAS MOVED

Starting Monday, July 8, 2019  all appointments will take place at my new office 7 Lorenz Parkway, Ledyard, CT. 


I would like to say thank you to all my clients for your patronage and support. It is a pleasure to be able to work with you, and I value the relationships that I have developed with you all. I hope to see you at my new location in Ledyard and Thank You for your understanding for this rather quick notice of the office moving.   

Simply Massage, LLC offers a variety of massages to help rest and relax both the mind and the body. 

Making massage a regular part of your health regimen decreases the effects of stress in your everyday life. It improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduces anxiety and tension, and helps in recovery of strained and stiff muscles from work and exercise.

My name is Betsy Beebe and I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2013. I am passionate about providing a relaxing environment for clients and customizing each treatment based on your needs and utilize the proper techniques to deliver a truly therapeutic experience, so you leave each session feeling rested, relaxed and renewed.


7 Lorenz Parkway

Ledyard, CT 06339

Off Route 117


(860) 705-6317

By appointment only.


Mon, Tues & Wed: 9am -8pm

Thurs: 12pm - 8pm

Fri: 9am - 5pm

Sat: 9am - 2pm   

Sun: Closed